Forrist Willis


My Life Story
(Forrist’s biography)

My life was cheddar,

In pain of delusion,

In captive, drugs and alcohol,

Wondering will I live or die,

My soul a walking time bomb,

Living day by day,

Hustling through life,

To meet my needs,

Crying out with no hope,

Nowhere to go,

As the black clouds,

Hangs over my head,

Endless night,

That never ends,

As I kneel down,

And cry out, to the Lord,

To free my soul,

To live again from drugs and alcohol,

To have a new life in Jesus,

A home and a family,

With peace, love, joy,

That will never end.

Listen to Forrist read his piece here:

IRC, Where Life Grows

Read Forrist’s work:

IRC, Where Life Grows


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