the storyscapes map

storyscapes map image

what is this map?

storyscapes revolves around writing and a map. This map was created collaboratively by guests at the Interactive Resource Center. Starting with a few large sheets of butcher paper and a roughly drawn scaffoliding of downtown GSO (Washington Street and Elm Street), individuals added points of interest, significance and their daily lives to the map such as places to eat a hot meal, to find a days work, or routes to walk from place to place. the storyscapses maps allows viewers to see downtown through the eyes of someone experiencing homelessness.

how to use this map

Print out this map or find a copy in one of our supporting locations. This map leads you on a scavenger hunt throughout downtown GSO. You will travel location to location, and look for the stories written on the walls!  can’t see it? don’t worry, it is there… sometimes you have to sleuth it out! You can look at our installations to get an idea of what you are looking for!

download your storyscapes map here:

storyscapes map

Back of storyscapes map


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