the storyscapes project

storyscapes: mapping the narratives of space in downtown greensboro

storyscapes is an interactive art installation that re-maps downtown Greensboro through storytelling.

Entirely created by Interactive Resource Center (IRC) community members who are experiencing, have experienced, or are closely related to homelessness, storyscapes tells seldom heard stories of downtown Greensboro.

Those experiencing homelessness have uniquely intimate relationships with Greensboro’s downtown landscape.

Greensboro community members selected storyscapes for funding through PICNIC, Partners in City, Neighbors In Community, a public supper sponsored by Elsewhere and Greensboro Participatory Budgeting.


One thought on “the storyscapes project

  1. As a member of Participatory Budgeting Greensboro, I am really happy that this project turned out so beautiful. PB GSO is going to do an event similar to PICNIC. Our event, the PB Party on OCT. 26th, is going to raise funds at the door and then have people present community projects. They will be voted on, and one or more community groups will walk away with money to help fund their project. Go to for more information.

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